Tour de Rez 2014!

Highlights from the 2014 Tour de Rez

Stage One: Carrizo & Chuska Mountains

  • TDR team mounting a trailhead sign in T'iis Nazbas
  • Construction phase in Red Valley
  • Building the new outhouse for Buffalo Pass
  • Outhouse's new 8500-foot home
  • Leo checking out the new outhouse
  • Aaron's masterpiece in wood at Buffalo Pass overlook
  • Testing out new bench overlooking Red Valley
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Stage Two: Navajo Mountain & Rainbow Trail

  • Working on the North Rainbow trailhead
  • On the "porch" of the old Rainbow Lodge
  • Installing a new bench overlooking Cummings Mesa
  • Final prep for the Rainbow Lodge Trailhead sign
  • Kim, Britney & Leona testing out a new trailhead bench
  • Sunset on the Rainbow Trail
  • Camp above Oak Canyon on the North Rainbow Trail
  • Some of the TDR crew at Rainbow
  • Rainbow Bridge
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Stage Three: Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim

  • The TDR team at Navajo Point overlooking the Canyon
  • Early monsoon weather at Plateau Point on night three
  • Cooling over in Garden Creek Falls
  • Bob & Shaundiin
  • Jerilyn relaxing in Bright Angel Creek near our camp
  • Bob & Malcolm
  • The crew on the south rim the day after completing the crossing
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Stage Four: No Man's Mesa to Window Rock

  • Dallas & Blu on the trail near No Man's
  • On the trail to Nazlini
  • Climbing the final sandy approach to Chilchinbeto
  • Final day on the TDR trail
  • Ranger Daryl Billy & Deputy Dave Johnson aided Tom and the TDR crew throughout the ride
  • Presidential candidate Myron McLaughlin with TDR riders in Window Rock
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