About Mike Buchheit, photographer

As a fourteen year resident of Grand Canyon National Park, I have been blessed with many opportunities to visit the natural and cultural wonders in canyon country. In my many travels I have found the people that inhabit these rugged lands just as colorful and welcoming as the scenery itself. My tribal friends and coworkers in particular have a history and connection to their surroundings that an Iowa transplant like me can only begin to comprehend. I met Tom "Riggs" Riggenbach, executive director of Y.E.S. (and a fellow Midwesterner) several years ago on the South Rim, and was immediately impressed with the mission of his program. Since that time I have seen him on the trail and in the audience at the Grand Canyon Music Festival with the Navajo youth that his organization is committed to serving. With each encounter I am reminded of what a valuable endeavor it is for groups like Y.E.S. to share with these kids their cultural and natural heritage, and prepare them up for a bright future with newfound skills and confidence. I strongly support Riggs and his fine organization, and encourage you to do so as well with the purchase of the matted photographs I have donated to their online Trading Post. All proceeds go directly to Y.E.S., allowing them to carry on their amazing work with the indigenous youth of the Four Corners region. ~ Mike Buchheit

Mike Buchheit is a landscape photographer, veteran travel writer, and outdoor educator. His unique images of Grand Canyon and the American Southwest have enjoyed popularity with private collectors worldwide, and have appeared in numerous Grand Canyon-related publications. To view a larger sampling of his Grand Canyon images please visit www.grandcanyonprints.com.