Let’s get one thing straight right from the start.  I’m slow.

The white supremacists are not so much trying to gain power as they are nurturing it.  They are already in power.  They have been in power since the days of Andrew Jackson at least, and if you wanted to throw in the whole damn kitchen sink, since the days of any of the long line of past pretender-conquerors.  The point is that white supremacists work hard to maintain their grasp on power:  whatever it takes (America, right or wrong).  And, since power is caviar at the table of Greed, the power represented by a government made up of, by, and for The People is perennially available to them for the taking.

We the People, the Salt of the Earth, have lost our government to the white supremacists.  People all across this nation have been shouting it from the rooftops about the jeopardy of losing democracy entirely.  The *Idea* that men have fought wars over to preserve is at risk of being made of trivial value.  As the conservative airhead Grover Norquist once said, he wants to shrink it down and drown it.  

Lets get another thing straight here:  I’m crying.

I’m crying because I know that there will be some form of government over us, and it will not be a democratic one if The People do not reclaim it at the ballot box.  Maybe never again.  It is looking to me like we are now in the final days of democracy in America.  Karma sucks in the USA, too, and the damn white supremacists keep scandalously using their grip on the reins of the economy to bring more and more misery on us all.  

So while there is a difference among the candidates for offices across this land, the upcoming elections (as far as I can see) aren’t about ethics, programs, ideas, economic thought, or any other debatable subject.  The upcoming elections are, as Tim Wise so awesomely articulated, a fork in the road.  One way is to keep taking steps to leverage the bounty of our work in ways that can lead to a sustainable society.  The other way is to continue white supremacy.  Nothing else matters more (unfortunately).  This choice is very close to matching secession in order of magnitude.  

I’ll close with just two immediate imperatives (there should be more) for a civil society:

a.)  Voting, like the census, is a DUTY of every person of voting age in the People’s government;  universal mail-in voting must prevail.

b.)  There has to be an accounting of the war crimes, civil rights crimes, crimes against humanity, and diplomatic crimes that have been committed, just since Sept. 11, 2001.  Then work backwards from there.

oh, and one plea to the white supremacists:  stop being meanies.

White supremacists exist in all walks of life.  When they have fired the first shot, they have perennially paid dearly.  Make no mistake:  this is the Lost Cause.  Do not perpetuate this any longer.  NO KIDS IN CAGES!

Transparence doesn’t necessarily signify omniscience.  There are two truths that to me are fundamental.  One is that it is a lie to say that there has to be homelessness and hunger and cold- that there just is not enough to go around.  The absurdity of that lie can be revealed by accounting for the productivity gains of the industrial/tech revolution.  Or revealed in Nature itself, where a single, high-protein seed can produce scores more every growing season.  The Universe is the manifestation of abundance.  However, it is deeply distressing to see that lie being as successful as it is.  Now, the second truth, so much simpler to say, is this- There is no more exquisite joy available to us than to be surrounded by happy people.  However, it is deeply distressing to witness how rare and endangered happiness can be.  Blessed are those who respect you before measuring you.

Believing what I’m seeing is hard to do in front of you under cover of chaos.

coronavirus (dubbed Dikos Nitsaaígíí Náhást’éíts’áadah in Diné Bizaad)

Guess it’s time for the house to make bank.

It is the Predator class versus the People.

Cold, cruel calculations cause catastrophes. Reopening the closed-down activities of society is rationalized as leadership, but it really is cold-blooded murder in the context of a pandemic. The only reason I can imagine for this epic inaction regarding building a safety net for working class people is that such a thing runs counter to the fundamental principles of greed; that the 1%-ers believe in enough to sustain a never-ending predatory class war over. Every worker today should know this in their bones. This is Soylent Green territory, where workers die so that someone’s 401K can grow in value. This is Aztec territory, where people are sacrificed to appease the god of greed. This is Nazi territory, where those who can afford to shelter in place revel in their self-justified superiority. This is Capitalist territory, where profit is enshrined- in law- as being more fundamental than human rights. Thousands of years ago, someone made this comment: “By their fruits you shall know them.”